Friday, October 17, 2008

Unit 3

Power Point Multimedia Presentation

Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of 2008. Create the following slides:

  1. Create slides that represent the candidates for the following parties:
    1. Democrat
    2. Republican
    3. Green
    4. Independent
    5. Socialist
    6. Communist
    7. See Procon and Election 2008
  2. States of the Candidates
    1. Show each candidate's respective states, i.e. map, chart, etc.
    2. Links to each party's website
  3. Party Platform and Mission
    1. Describe in one paragraph briefly the platform of each party
  4. What 2 issues are important to you?
  5. The Caucus Blog Ask a Reporter
    1. What candidates agree with your issues?
    2. US Electoral College US Electoral College
  6. Video Clips
    1. Insert a video clip of candidates speeches
  7. All images must be cited
  8. Voting Rights and Citizenship