Sunday, October 26, 2008

Social Netork websites: best practices from leading services

Social network websites: best practices from leading services

From: faberNovel, 11 months ago

This document provides a general background for understanding social network websites and the study of online matchmaking websites and business network websites

This study is only the first step. Distributed under creative commons license, it should be completed and improved through the contribution of external experts, firms and web users as major moves in the industry are expected to occur in the coming months

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MiSS JENNii said...

it was interesting but i would do anything like what you did. ii would wanna do something that i liked and put it on a slide show.

tajabratz said...

I Think it was really interesting and it keep my interest and i might do something like it but not exactly i might choose technology more realistic...but i liked that slide

emattis said...

this video was deep.

emattis said...

Once again i am here to say how good this video was. It showed that technology is all around. Everything that is happing now is done by technology. So this video was really great in showing that.