Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aretha Franklin & Mary J. Blige - Never Gonna Break My Faith

Aretha Franklin & Mary J. Blige - Never Gonna Break My Faith

What do Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barrack Obama and Muhammad Ali have to do with this song?

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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Discussion About the Middle East

Rashid Khalidi Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies Director of the Middle East Institute

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta

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The Mail-to-Blogger

  1. The Mail-to-Blogger feature turns any email account into a blog-posting application. In Settings Email you can create a Mail-to-Blogger address which you will use to send posts via email to your blog:

  2. To post to your blog via email, you need to configure your Mail-to-Blogger email address in Settings Email:

3. Note that this email address must be kept secret. Otherwise, anyone who gets it will be able to post as you.
Also be sure to specify whether or not you prefer your email posts to publish automatically. If this option is not checked, then your posts will be saved on your account but will not appear on your blog until you log in to and publish them yourself.

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The "Why Question"

Your "Why Question"

  1. Create your "Why Question", i.e. political, social, historical, religious, economical, etc.
  2. Explain the answer in details
  3. Who are the experts?
  4. What are the Pros and Cons?

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thirteen/WNET African American Lives-The Story In History

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.


  1. Who is Dr. Henry Gates?
  2. Choose one interviewee and discuss the follwing: (Remember to include the name of the person)
  3. His or her family name
  4. The historical event(s) and the significance to the institution of slavery in the United States

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NEW YORK VOICES : The Liberians of Staten Island | Thirteen / WNET New York

NEW YORK VOICES : The Liberians of Staten Island Thirteen / WNET New York

  1. Liberia, a West African country founded by freed American slaves
  2. In two (2) paragraphs write when and why did freed Americans go to Liberia. (Hint: See Dr. Shabaka) or History Of Liberia: A Time Line
  3. What questions would you ask Agnes Umunna and Jacob Massaqoi and their organizations?
  4. Contact him and conduct an interview.

Liberia, Maryland State Colonization Society

Agnes M.F.Kamara-Umunna,Straight From The Heart Radio Producer/ Presenter

Seeking Hidden Accounts of Atrocity

From Staten Island Haven, Liberians Reveal War’s Scars

Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Liberian peace process 1990-1996 Chronology Wikipedia-Liberia

Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Liberia) UNIBOA

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Who is this artist?
  2. What country do you think he is in?
  3. Describe in detail how these lyrics affect you?

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Chris Rock

  1. What argument is Chris Rock addressing?
  2. Give me your opinion?
  3. What is New York State position? Give examples and the link to the NYS law?

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