Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The "Why Question"

Your "Why Question"

  1. Create your "Why Question", i.e. political, social, historical, religious, economical, etc.
  2. Explain the answer in details
  3. Who are the experts?
  4. What are the Pros and Cons?


Tai said...
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Anonymous said...

Janiel Thomas
"The Why" Question

Why do people see Barack Obama being assassinated if he does win the presidential seat in November 2008?

I feel that people see Barack Obama being assassinated if he wins the presidential seat because he is a Black man & would be the first ever Black President of the United States.People are stuck in the mind-set that a Black President would erase white supremacy and Blacks as a race would conquer American society.

Who are the experts?
Headlines : Government
Lessing: Obama will be assassinated
Sun, 10 Feb 2008 03:32:39 -0600

This isn’t the first time the idea has been floated. On 60 Minutes, Michelle Obama dealt with the question by saying that “as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station.” But this has nothing to do with race. No one would say this about Colin Powell if he ran for President and that’s because he’s not a potential wild card when it comes to the primacy of the Pentagon. But you can’t blame Lessing, who obviously still frames her world view based on her experiences in South Africa.

Pros and Cons
If Barack Obama does win the Presidential seat in November 2008, America would most likely be shifted in a new direction. The War in Iraq would be lessened and Obama,in my opinion will lead the country in a new and more ordered manner.
If Obama doesn't win the election in 2008, White supremacy will continue to dominate American society.

Tai said...
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Tai said...

Taisha Blair
March 3rd 2008

*My WHY Question*
Why are there so many theories on how life began on Earth?

*The experts*
I feel as though the scientists are going against my religion as a Catholic saying that life came about from the ocean or the heterotroph hypothesis.

*Pros and Cons*
I believe that there are too many hypothesis on how life began on Earth. In my AP Biology class, we learned life began with the heterotroph hypothesis, but in my church we learned about Adam and Eve. The two theories are contradicting themselves and I no longer which one I should believe. In a way, I am swayed towards the scientific side because they have proof and evidence with fossils that they can date back millions of years, but with my church, I believe in God and a higher power. Is this the battle between Church and Science??

th3gorg3ous1 said...

Raven Dantzler:
My Why Question: Why is it that knitting appears to be harder than crochet?

Both crochet and knit are two hobbies or quiet activities that can help to relieve stress in a positive and creative way.

Experts: Crocheter and Knitters, and even me, because I have been crocheting for some time now, and am learning how to knit now.

Pros: The pros of this is that this often pondered question can be answered in depth. Crochet in itself can seem very intimidating to someone who has never practiced it, or is a novice in the craft. When you become used to it, however, it is realized that crocheting is not much harder than tying your shoe or even braiding hair. Knitting, however, is consider more difficult due to the use of two needles versus one crochet hook.

Cons: While both knitting and crocheting can help calm people down, many people find the activity to be frustrating while angered, and therefore cannot concentrate. This, in turn, can lead to building stress and anger instead of helping to reduce it. Also, when the time is not taken out, or if a person (people) is not fully committed to learning or applying techniques, frustration can occur as well.

Hoping that I've provided a sufficient amount of information to help a future confused crocheter or knitter, that's all I have to say for the time being. Sincerely, th3gorg3ous1

Romona said...

Romona Heywood
"The Why Question"

Why is it that after the genocide in Bosnia, South Africa and Cambodia officials continue to rest assured even though there is a genocide presently occurring in Sudan's region of Darfur?

In fact, even after a decade since the injustices of South Africa occurred and the world witnessed deaths upon deaths of people, most of the world cried "Never Again!" Well, it is taking place again and people are turning a blind eye to these deaths. Darfur has witnessed the ambush and deaths of millions of Sudanese refuges by the hands of corrupted politicians.
Government officials allow immoralities to plague the earth as they sit back and enjoy their wealth. While they accumulate wealth, power ensues and the chance to control a nation presents itself by their immoral methods of ethnic cleansing.

The experts in fact are all leaders but more specifically the world's superpowers, like the United States, Europe, China and Japan. These nations have the power to intervene along with the United Nations and help Sudanese victims as well as help eradicate the corruption in Sudan's government. It takes people with the will power and earnestness to help change the world and stop racism. Only then will the cries of "Never Again!" ring true.

The pros of such undertakings are that 'you' can save the life of an infant, a family, and a nation. It is fair and right to help others as you would want others to do the same for a loved one. The con is that if the genocide in Darfur cease then corrupted governments and their alliances will cease to receive any money and their reign will be overturned. The people in turn will have the opportunity to have a say in the government.

Kathy said...

Katherine Ceron
"The why" question

Why was there so much controversies about Rigoberta Menchú Tum's book I, Rigoberta Menchú??

There was a lot of controversies behind the book I, Rigoberta Menchú because she spoke about the right of the indigenous people of Guatemala to live their lives the way that is best for them-free of oppression and exploitation. In her book, Menchú maintained that her family was actively involved in fighting against their subjugation by wealthy Guatemalans of European descent and the Guatemalan government. The book spoke about Menchu's powerful voice of the Guatemalan people during the political terror of a 36-year Civil War that ended in 1996. To survive, the people of Menchu's community incorporate their variable skills against armed antagonists who are set on the complete eradication of a culture that resists them.

Who are the experts?
Anthropologist David Stoll conducted a thorough investigation of Menchú's story, researching government documents, reports, and land claims, and interviewed former neighbors, locals, friends, enemies, and others. So David Stoll found out many things about Menchú's life that wasn't completely true.

What are the Pros and Cons?
The Pros of the book I, Rigoberta Menchú is that it showed a side that was over looked or ignored which was the Guatemalans side of things. It showed many people things that were going on in Guatemala that people didn't know of. One of the cons of I, Rigoberta Menchú was Rigoberta Menchú falsifications of some of her life events. She changed certain stories in her life.

DreadfulDreamZ said...

Nzinga Hyacinthe
"The "Why" Question"

Why do do some Americans view Affirmative Action as reverse discrimination?

I believe that affirmative action can not be reverse discrimination because African Americans are the minority and have been oppressed in the United States of America for over 500 years. Affirmative action was set in place to give African Americans a fair chance at getting into schools and getting jobs it in no way was meant to discriminate against Whites. For example, how can you be discriminated against if 5% of admissions for a college is set aside for African Americans the other 95% will most likely be White middle class Americans so in my opinion that is not discrimination.

The Experts
A liberal essay rebutting the myth
that affirmative action is reverse discrimination.
Friday, March 19, 1999 6:16:40 AM

"Affirmative Action is not meant to help blacks because of the color of their skin, but because they deserve compensation for past and continuing injustices. Opponents may criticize the wisdom of how this compensation is meted out, but they cannot question the principle of compensatory damages, which enjoys a long tradition in our society."

The pros of Affirmative Action is that it gave African Americans the chance to excel that they were denied since the days of slavery. With Affirmative Action African Americans were able to go to universities and attain professional positions that their grandparents had only dreamed of.

Many White Americans feel that Affirmative is reverse racism and that they are being discriminated against.

nayah25 said...

Shanayah Ricks

"The Why Question"

Why do people think the presidential race is based on race and sex?

I think that people is basing it on that because they want to see how far the race would go depending on race and color. I think the heat is on Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton because Obama is African American and Clinton is a female

aBiGaiL said...

Abigail DeJesus
**The Why Question**

Why do people think it fine for them to cheat and indulge in infidelity in this society?

I think that in this place in time and especially in this country that people don't think it is wrong to cheat on their husband or wifes."I didn't mean for it to happen." That is a common excuse that is used. "Everybody does it once in their life." So what quote everyone does it, do that make it right. Of course not. I believe the root starts from the teenager years, where you are learn to cheat and give up on relationships and find someone else. This cycle continues into the adult years.

**Who are the experts**
Marriage therophists
Married people them self
They may have the solution to the problem

Pro and Cons
To me there are no pros only cons. There is hardly anything that come out of someone cheating on you behind your back.It will in time come out and your partner and children if there is any will be the ones to get hurt in the long run.