Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tips for developing an effective survey questionnaire

Tips for developing an effective survey questionnaire
You can immediately start creating your questions, but it’s a good idea to give this some thought. There is a science to doing proper surveys. For tips on how to create simple, effective surveys, just google thetopic and you’llbe presented with a number of options. Here is one, for example: The best advice is to keep it simple and short. If it’s too long or filled with complicated questions, your parents will simply ignore it.Once you have your questions in mind, start entering them into the form!
Once you’ve created all your questions, remember to edit your confirmation page. This is where you can thank parents for taking the time to fill out the survey. Go to the More Actions tab to edit the confirmation page.

It’s a good idea to send out the survey to test a group first to get some feedback.Sending out the survey is very easy. Click on the Email this form button and a window pops up with a field to paste in your recipients and a field for the subject. There is also an option to include the form in the email itself so your classmates don’t have to click on anything as the form will be right there embedded in the email!

Now here’s where it gets really cool! After sending out my survey, I immediately started getting responses. To check responses, click on See responses. You are presented with two options: Summary and Spreadsheet. The Summary page has some neat pie charts, graphs, and the total number of responses in big numbers:

The Spreadsheet option pulls up a Google spreadsheet with all the responses listed, complete with column headers. Another great feature about Google Docs is that you can share the results page with anyone, simply by click on the Share tab. Type or paste in the emails of those you want to view/edit the document and send it off. It really is that easy!

Here is an example of a summary survey: (NO Child Left Behind)
A Survey Summary on NCLB