Friday, January 9, 2009

How do I post audio/music to my blog? - Blogger Help Center

How do I post audio/music to my blog? - Blogger Help Center

A podcast:African-American Heritage Month -Historical-Women and Men
Why was he/she notable?
When was he/she born and when did he/she die?
Where was he/she born?
Was the birthplace or childhood home any influence on his/her career?
How did his/her childhood influence his adult life and his/her career choice?
Who in his/her life were his/her influences or his/her role models?
Why do we remember him/her now?
What did he/she do that is an influence on my life or that of Americans today?
What is meant by
historical context: Historical events that occurred during your person's lifetime, i.e. war, civil rights, protests, political and social upheaval, United States laws, world, international and foreign affairs, fashion,art, and music.
Historical context means "what was happening at or around that time." For example, answering the question "What was the historical context of Shakespeare's birth" involves locating his birthdate and what major things were happening in that year. Norman conquest had happened centuries before; space travel happened centuries later. The key is to find what was happening THEN. Definition

Don't forget your references and citations

  1. Approach problems and challenges as a learner as opposed to a knower.
  2. Take your issues and situations and problems and go to the root components; understanding how the problem evolved-looking at it form a systemic perspective and not accepting things at face value.
  3. Be curious about why things are the way they are and be able to think about why something is important.
  4. "What do I really need to understand about this; what is the history; what are the other people thinking about this; how does that all come together; what frames and models can you use to understand this from a variety of different angles and then come up with something different?"