Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New York City

Office of the Mayor
Majoral and City Agencies
NYC Organization Chart
The New York City Council
The Comptroller
Legislation and Committees
Borough Presidents
New York State Officials
Federal Officials
Community Newspapers
Brooklyn Paper
OUR TIME PRESS - Founded 1995
Brownsville, Brooklyn

Community Issues

  1. Describe your community.
  2. Explain and demonstrate how one of your elected officials supports your community.
  3. Pursue a community issue that interests you.
  4. Community Story: What Makes a Good Story?
Community Guidelines
  • Pick a problem statement that interests you
  • Be concerned about how your solution adds value
  • Brainstorm several solutions before picking one
  • Research what else is done similar to your idea
  • State what approach you will take and what technologies you will use
  • Dissect, investigate and inspect your idea until you know what you will/won't do
  • Visit this Eminent Domain
  • Explore