Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Other America - The Best and Least Known Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
14 April 1967
Stanford University

Dr. King's "The Other America" Speech at Stanford

Create a dynamic podcast on Dr. King's speech that was delivered on April 14, 1967 at Sanford University.

----Does the USA today have the same national and international problems it experienced in 1967? Give examples.
----Read Dr. King's speech and view the video of him presenting the speech.
----Describe the two Americas Dr. King talked about on your podcast as you understand it. Include some of his message.
and give examples if two Americas exist in 2010
-----Dr. King defines racism in the USA. Give some examples. Include some of his messsageReview and read an interview


Kareem's Blog said...

1. One America is beutiful and the other America consist of every race other that whites. In this America people live in poverty.

3. to be continued....

nayah25 said...

pd 3

Describe the two Americas.
1. One of the America's described America is considered to be beautiful.The other America contains every race other than whites and in this America the people live in poverty.

Express in your own words one of Dr. King's perspective? Include some of his message.
4. I think Dr. King meant that in his version of America everything is right and there is NO segregation or racial barriers. I think Dr. Martin Luther King jr. is trying to say that this America should be more like the other America.

Gerard said...

1. One of the America's described America is beautiful with opportunity.The second America is poor and filled with despair and shattered dreams.